Fire Danger Ratings & Burn Ban Information

Burning Information

Burning any combustible materials outdoors in the Town of Bergen or Village of Stoddard in Vernon County is prohibited.  The risk for wildfires in these areas is very high and there’s little relief in sight in the near future with the current weather pattern. Until conditions significantly improve, this ban will be in place.

That applies to burn piles and burn barrels; all campfires unless in developed camping areas disposing of any matches, ashes, charcoal briquettes, or any burning materials into the outdoors; and all fireworks. Remember to dispose of any cigars, cigarettes, or pipes in a designated receptacle.

Charcoal grills may be used only in the immediate vicinity of a residential dwelling on a non-combustible surface, such as concrete.

Burn Ban Information

The Town of Bergen And Village of Stoddard on conjunction this the Stoddard-Bergen Fire Department will issue a Burning Ban when the Current Fire Danger reaches "Very High" (orange) or "Extreme" (red)  These levels are set by the Forestry Department from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Recourses.

Fire Danger Rating Explanations

Low - Fires are not easily started. Fuels do not ignite readily from small firebrands, although a more intense ignition source, such as lightning, may start many fires in duff or punky wood

Moderate - Fires start easily and spread at a moderate rate. Fires can start from most accidental causes, but with the exception of lightning fires in some areas, the number of starts is generally low.

High - Fires start easily and spread at a fast rate. All fine dead fuels ignite readily and fires start easily from most causes. Unattended campfires are likely to escape. High-intensity burning may develop on slopes.

Very High - Fires start very easily and spread at a very fast rate. Fires start easily from all causes, spread rapidly and intensify quickly. Spot fires are a constant danger.

Extreme - The fire situation is explosive and can result in extensive property damage. Fires under extreme conditions start quickly, spread furiously, and burn intensely. All fires are potentially serious. Development into high-intensity burning will usually be faster and occur from smaller fires than in the very high danger class

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