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Since 1943 the Stoddard Bergen Fire Department has been serving the village of Stoddard, the Township of Bergen, and surrounding communities. Our priority has always been the safety and well-being of our community members.


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Today's Fire Danger Rating

Urgent Community Alert: Understanding Fire Danger Levels and Outdoor Burning Restrictions

The serene beauty of the Town of Bergen and the Village of Stoddard is one of our community's greatest treasures. It's a haven we all cherish and strive to protect. In collaboration with the dedicated team at Stoddard-Bergen Fire Department, we are committed to preserving the safety and well-being of our natural surroundings and our residents. This commitment has led to the implementation of critical measures during periods of increased fire risk.

Why It Matters: The Critical Impact of Fire Danger Ratings

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Forestry Department diligently assesses the wildfire danger levels, categorizing them from "Low" to "Extreme." These ratings are not just numbers or colors on a chart; they represent the real potential for fire to spread rapidly, threatening lives, property, and nature.

When the fire danger level escalates to "Very High" (marked by an orange alert) or "Extreme" (indicated by a red alert), it signifies that the conditions are ripe for wildfires. Dry vegetation, combined with high temperatures, low humidity, and often wind, can turn a small spark into a raging inferno.

Immediate Burning Ban: What You Need to Know

To safeguard our community and natural landscapes, an immediate burning ban is enacted when conditions reach the "Very High" or "Extreme" levels. This ban is a proactive step to prevent the outbreak and spread of wildfires in our area, including the Town of Bergen and Village of Stoddard in Vernon County.

What the Ban Means for You:

  • Outdoor Burning: The ban strictly prohibits the burning of combustible materials outdoors. This includes, but is not limited to, burn piles, barrels, and all forms of open fires.
  • Campfires: Even the warmth of a campfire must be forgone, except in designated developed camping areas that have implemented safety measures.
  • Disposal Precautions: Extreme caution is advised when disposing of potential fire sources like matches, ashes, and charcoal briquettes. Ensure they are completely extinguished.
  • Fireworks: All usage of fireworks, a common spark for wildfires, is banned under these conditions.
  • Smoking Materials: Cigars, cigarettes, and pipes should only be discarded in designated safe receptacles to prevent sparks.
  • Charcoal Grills: Use is limited to non-combustible surfaces close to your residence, minimizing the risk of fire spread.

Your Role in Fire Prevention:

Every resident has a pivotal role in fire prevention. By adhering to these restrictions and employing caution, you contribute significantly to protecting our community and natural environment from the devastating impact of wildfires.

We understand these measures may inconvenience some, but the safety of our community and the preservation of our beautiful natural surroundings must be our top priority. We appreciate your cooperation and vigilance during these critical periods. Together, we can prevent wildfires and ensure the safety of our cherished Town of Bergen and Village of Stoddard.

Stay informed, stay safe, and thank you for playing a vital role in our community's fire prevention efforts.


Sec. 31-141. - Liability. A person utilizing or maintaining an outdoor fire shall be responsible for all fire suppression costs and any other liability resulting from damage caused by the fire. (Ord. No. 2019-3, § 11, 9-17-2019)

Sec. 31-142. - Right of entry and inspection. The Fire Chief shall have all the rights of entry and inspection found in Wis. Stat. § 213.095. (Ord. No. 2019-3, § 12, 9-17-2019)

Sec. 31-143. - Enforcement and penalties. (a) The fire chiefs and local law enforcement are authorized to enforce the provisions of this article. (b) The penalty for violation of any portion of this article shall be a forfeiture of not less than $25.00 or more than $250.00 plus the cost of prosecution. Penalties are doubled for second and subsequent offenses. (Ord. No. 2019-3, § 13, 9-17-2019)