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     The Stoddard Fire Foundation


A group of Private citizens and Fire department members sat down to create a foundation to back the department and aid in all areas. From cleaning to emergency community response, we are there wherever there is a need,

As of November 13th, 2019, this dream became a reality. As a 501C3, we can write for grants to help obtain lifesaving equipment for our department and the community of Stoddard and the Town of Bergen. 

As a body of community members, we have taken the task of fundraising over from the department so they may focus on the lifesaving training they require to keep us all safe. While they are all members of the Foundation, this allows them to focus more on that while always knowing a dedicated group of people is there to keep up the fundraising duties. 

If you ever thought you would love to give back to your community and wanted to be a member of our Foundation, please reach out to a member of the Fire Department or an Existing Fire foundation member.

Community and Fund Raising Events 

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Winning Projects Supported by:
 Stoddard-Bergen Fire Foundation




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